Technical reports and Engineering expert opinions

Our work

We develop engineering technical opinions

Our approach

  • Analysis, quantification and valuation of damages for the adjustment of claims of any amount, involving buildings, ports, airports, dams, vehicles, equipment, facilities, from events such as:
    • fires,
    • rain,
    • flooding,
    • high winds,
    • impacts,
    • poor conservation,
    • errors in construction.
  • We also assess design, execution and structural problems in civil engineering, e.g., collapse of dams, bridges and overpasses, in addition to other types of buildings.
  • We identify and elucidate problems of infiltrations and water leaks.
  • We produce qualitative and quantitative analysis of construction errors, damage and defects resulting from engineering services that do not meet the required standards of quality.
  • Leasing of areas in demarcation and expropriation actions.
  • Analysis of the health risks and hazards in the field of occupational safety engineering.
  • Technical analysis of billing for public services, such as water, electricity, gas and sewage.
  • Assessment of commercial, residential and rural properties, presenting the technical elements of engineering within the parameters defined by ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms), in order to:
    • Estimate amounts for purchase, sale and lease in order to avoid losses and maximize gains, including the cases of collection of applicable taxes.
    • Renegotiation of lease contracts.
    • Provide technical assistance in revision and renewal of lease terms.
    • Determine fair compensation to be paid for real estate expropriated by the government.
    • Review property tax amounts charged by municipal governments.

Our goals

We identify losses generated/suffered by clients, determining solutions and amounts needed to reduce or expand deficits or gains.