Technical Opinions and Reports in
Economics, Actuarial Science and Finance

Our work

We create technical opinions in economics, actuarial science and finance

Our approach

  • We create reports with analysis of debts from real estate financing, credit cards, overdraft protection, debentures and rural collateral mortgage notes (bonds in general).
  • We perform analysis of amounts receivable and/or payable regarding deficient inflation adjustment resulting from past anti-inflation policies implemented in Brazil.
  • We perform analysis and verification of losses and damages, as well as lost profits.
  • We analyze and verify inclusion of labor amounts into retirement accounts and also deficient inflation adjustment of personal savings accounts in defined-benefit private pension plans.
  • We provide economic and financial calculation services for submissions required by courts of justice in the settlement of monetary correction and addition of default and compensatory interest.
  • We develop financial and economic studies pertinent to the valuation of companies.
  • We perform calculations of legal fees receivable.
  • We calculate amounts payable and/or receivable, avoiding financial losses for clients.

Our goals

We have the necessary expertise to identify losses suffered and, in some cases, generated by our clients, and then find solutions to reduce or increase these credits.