Technical Assistance with Court
Proceedings, Arbitration and Mediation

Our work

We assist our clients in cases involving technical issues in engineering, economics, finance and actuarial science. We organize and analyze the volume of information involved in these cases, with the aim of complying with deadlines and solving pending issues in a quick and effective manner.

Our approach

When faced with a considerable volume of open questions and pending cases, Aliança develops methods, strategies and procedures to manage the workload and meet the needs identified, reaching the best possible results. We focus our attention in the following:


Follow-up and compliance with pending deadlines for conducting the stages of technical assistance, inspections, presentation of counts and preliminary technical reports, as well as technical opinions on expert reports.


We have developed and always maintain good relationships with other professionals involved in the issues under discussion – such as court appointed experts and the technical staff of the contracting companies.


As a result of over 20 years of expertise in drafting expert technical reports, we are able to provide highly professionalized services. We protect our clients from wasting time and money with unnecessary detours, and we prepare them for battles on technical issues.

Our goals

We are fully dedicated to our clients and their cases. Our goal is to foresee the facts and design the best technical strategies. This is how we achieve the best possible result.